Vintage Microscience HH 612C HDD For Sale $250.00, 60 Day return. #55935691 5.25" HH 11 MB MFM ST-412 No Park, Runs Tests Brakes Shuts Down. Made in U.S.A. See Terms & Conditions.
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Microscience HH 612C #55935691 5.25" HH 11 MB MFM ST-412 No Park Runs Tests Brakes Shuts Down U.S.A.
This is a working MicroScience HH 612C half height 11 Meg. 5.25 inch Hard Drive #55935691. It uses a ST-512 interface (not included) with MFM recording. It is a "Winchester". It has been carefully stored for about 15 years since acquisition, in a padded box.It has 7 errors listed on the errors list on the drive. It was set as drive A when tested and is believed to be formatted with Cromemco Cromix software. Runs OK green lite goes on. It is returnable from 60 days of customer pick up. Specifications are included. See Terms & Conditions. Made in U.S.A.
10" X 8.25" X 4.5"  Shipping Weight 1.58 Kg.
Ottawa Canada Regular Parcel 6 Business Days $16.92
U.S.A. Expedited Parcel 6 - 7 Business days $28.32
Europe Tracked Packet International 8 Business Days $73.57
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Besides specializing in CROMEMCO products of all sorts we also have Full, Half Height, 5.25", 3.5" and IDE Hard Drives and 3.5" and 5.25" Half Height and Full Height Floppy Drives and Computer Graphics Literatures that have been carefully stored since aquisition 15 years ago. We also have printers, memory, processors, computers and monitors etc. Please contact us at info@vintageharddrivesplus and we can E-mail you lists of products that we have featured on the side bar of our home page.

  • Item #: #55935691
  • Manufacturer: MicroScience
  • Manufacturer's Product Number: #55935691 U.S.A.
  • Condition: Used

MicroScience HH612C #55935691 5.25" HH HDD MFM ST-412 11MB U.S.A

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